Weekly Update 359

Somewhere in the next few hours from publishing this post, I'll finally push the HIBP domain search changes live. I've been speaking about it a lot in these videos over recent weeks so many of you have already know what it entails, but it's the tip of the iceberg you've seen publicly. This is the culmination of 7 months of work to get this model right with a ridiculous amount of background effort having gone into it. Case in point: read my pain from last night about converting thousands of words of lawyer speak T&Cs from Microsoft Word to HTML. As if preparing these wasn't painful enough, trying to make them simply play nice on a web page has been a nightmare! (I settled for dumping stuff in a <pre> tag for now and will invest the time in doing it right later on.)

I hope you enjoy this week's video, I'll talk much more about the domain search bits in the next video, hopefully following a successful launch!

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  1. Sponsored by: EPAS by Detack. No EPAS protected password has ever been cracked and won't be found in any leaks. Give it a try, millions of users use it.
  2. What's the best tooling to start teaching kids to code Python on Windows with? (I decided taking Python from the Windows store then using Visual Studio Code with the Python extension made the most sense)
  3. The MagicDuel Adventure MMORPG got breached (it's a short disclosure notice, but kudos to them for that probably being the fastest turnaround from me reaching out to them disclosing I've ever seen!)
  4. My Home Assistant Yellow has finally landed! (hoping it solves the intermittent restart problems which now that I think about it, haven't happened for weeks 🤔)
  5. Finding a CM4 was the hard bit (Amazon link to the unit I bought a month ago... at A$274 at the time 😭)
  6. It's the final hours before the all new bits for domain search go live in HIBP! (the community input has been awesome - thank you!)
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