Weekly update 36

I've been at the AusCERT conference this week and whilst I scored a nomination for "Individual Excellence in Information Security", it wasn't meant to be this year (or the last 2 times!) but I did get a shiny certificate :) It was a great event and I really enjoyed meeting a heap of very cool people and doing a brand new talk on responsible disclosure. I'll share that once it's publicly accessible, AusCERT usually put these out to the world and I was really happy with how it went.

Beyond that, this week I'm talking about how fragile the internet is and most excitingly, sharing my brand new - and totally free - course on GDPR that I wrote for Varonis. This has been eagerly awaited and I'm really happy to see how well it's being received. Next week is travel time so I'll be in Porto then Belgium and doing user group talks in both locations so check out my upcoming events for all the details on those.

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  1. I had a heap of fun at AusCERT (whack that in the calendar for 2018 if you're down this way)
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