Weekly Update 363

I'm super late pushing out this week's video, I mean to the point where I now have a couple of days before doing the next one. Travel from the opposite side of the world is the obvious excuse, then frankly, just wanting to hang out with friends and relax. And now, I somehow find myself publishing this from the most mind-bending set of circumstances:

On that note, straight into the video, links below and I'll do it all again in a couple of days from Spain:

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  1. The FBI took down Qakbot and sent the data over to HIBP (that's both email addresses and passwords that are now searchable)
  2. CERT Poland also sent over a bunch of data snagged from phishing activities (another 68k records now searchable in HIBP)
  3. The Pampling breach went into HIBP despite not being able to get a response from them... (...until it went into HIBP and customers started asking questions)
  4. PlayCyberGames was also breached and the data went into HIBP... (...and they also didn't respond to disclosure attempts - at all)
  5. If you're building websites and you haven't given Report URI a go yet, you don't know what you're missing! (seriously, CSPs are so cool 😎)
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