Weekly Update 364

I'm in Spain! Alicante, to be specific, where we've spent the last few days doing family wedding things, and I reckon we scrubbed up pretty well:

Next stop is Amsterdam and by the end of today, we'll be sipping cold beer canal side in the 31C heat 😎 Meanwhile, this week's video focuses mostly on the Dymocks breach and the noteworthiness of what appears to be excessive data retention. After recording this video, someone also pointed out that the data is already being abused in a pretty traceable fashion:

That's all for this week, a little shorter as I was rushing for the wedding, I'll come to you next week from our second home, Oslo 🇳🇴

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  2. Dymocks Australia found themselves breached (I suspect the significant number of retained inactive records will cause them some grief)
  3. No, data breaches don't typically just sit on the "dark web", they circulate broadly on easily accessible forums (that's true of the vast bulk of data in HIBP!)
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