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It's another week of travels, this time from our "second home", Oslo. That's off the back of 4 days in the Netherlands and starting tomorrow, another 4 in Prague. But today, the 17th of September, is extra special 😊

We'll be going out and celebrating accordingly as soon as I get this post published so I'll be brief: enjoy this week's video!

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  2. We had a great visit to Politie Nederland in Rotterdam this week (lots of common goals shared, and I'm really happy we've been able to assist with victim notification via HIBP)
  3. 932k Viva Air email addresses went into HIBP (that's a Colombian airline which no longer exists, they were pwned and ransomed last year)
  4. 4.3M Malindo Air email addresses went into HIBP (it's a 2019 breach so not new, but a third of people in there had never appeared in a loaded breach before)
  5. Wasn't really expecting to be named on a notorious ransomware website, but here we are (2 days after recording I still haven't heard anything further)
  6. I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary, but I'd really hoped for more excitement in the new iPhones (but I ordered us both Pro Max units anyway 😎)
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