Weekly Update 366

Well that's it, Europe is done! I've spent the week in Prague with highlights including catching up with Josef Prusa, keynoting at Experts Live EU and taking a "beer spa" complete with our own endless supply of tap beer. Life is good 🍻

All that and more in this week's video, next week I'll come to you from back home in the sunshine 😎

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  2. I caught up with Josef Prusa in Prague (what he has created at Prusa is massively impressive!)
  3. Experts Live EU was an awesome event 😎 (felt a lot of love in Prague, thanks everyone 😊)
  4. The dbForums data breach went into HIBP (and... that's me pwned again 😭)
  5. The ApexSMS spam operation that exposed data a few years back also went into HIBP (it's one of those ones you really can't do anything about, think of it as an "FYI")
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