Weekly Update 367

Ah, home 😊 It's been more than a month since I've been able to sit at this desk and stream a weekly video. And now I'm doing it with the glorious spring weather just outside my window, which I really must make more time to start enjoying. Anyway, this week is super casual due to having had zero prep time, but I hope the discussion about the ABC's piece on HIBP and I in particular is interesting. I feel like this whole story has a long way to go yet, hopefully now having a few months at home will give us an opportunity to lay the foundation for the next phase. Stay tuned!

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  2. "A strange sign of the times" (the ABC's piece on HIBP and I)
  3. I mentioned "Outliers, the Story of Success" as one of my favourite books (turns out it's a combination of hard work and good luck, neither of which is sufficient by itself)
  4. Talking about good luck, the story of my leaving Pfizer is in one of my favourite evers talks, "Hack Your Career" (I need to do a follow-up on this, there's so much more to add now)
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