Weekly Update 372

Yes, the Lenovo is Chinese. No, I'm not worried about Superfish. Yes, I'm running windows. No, I don't want a Framework laptop. Seemed to be a lot of time this week gone on talking all things laptops, and there are clearly some very differing views on the topic. Some good suggestions, some neat alternatives and some ideas that, well, just seem a little crazy. But hey, I'm super happy with the machine, it's an absolute beast and I expect I'll get many years of hard work out of it. That and more in this week's video, enjoy 😊

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  2. My primary mobile machine is now a Lenovo P16 Gen 2 ThinkPad (super happy with this machine, it's an absolute beast!)
  3. If you don't want my Coinhive script running on your website, don't put my Coinhive script on your website (I don't mean to state the obvious, but yeah...)
  4. I Lenny Troll'd our Ubiquiti doorbell to mess with kids on Halloween (these audio files are great, I've gotta actually put them to use against scammers 🤣)
  5. The kitchen is done! (compare that to where we started in the first tweet 😲)
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