Weekly Update 381

It's another weekly update from the other side of the world with Scott and I in Rome as we continue a bit of downtime before hitting NDC Security in Oslo next week. This week, Scott's sharing details of how he and Joe Tiedman registered a domain Capelli Sport let lapse and now have their JavaScript running on the websites shopping cart page (check your browser console after loading that link) 😲 That's not the crazy bit though, the crazy bit is the months they've spent trying to disclose this to Capelli and getting absolutely nowhere. I'll give them a shout-out this week and see if I have any more luck but when it's this hard to report egregiously bad security issues, is it any wonder we have so many data breaches. As I keep lamenting, it's a great time to be in this industry...

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  2. 23andMe is blaming end users for account takeover attacks (it's obviously lawyery deflection, but they're also partly right)
  3. Anyone got a security contact at Capelli Sport? (I'll give that line a push publicly this coming week, it's just nuts how hard it is to report this stuff)
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