Weekly Update 382

Geez it's nice to be back in Oslo! This city has such a special place in my heart for so many reasons, not least of which by virtue of being Charlotte's home town we have so many friends and family here. Add in NDC Security this week with so many more mutual connections, beautiful snowy weather, snowboarding, sledging and even curling, it's just an awesome time. Awesome enough to still be here for the next weekly update so until then, I'll leave you with the pics I promised at the end of this week's vid. Enjoy 😊

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  1. Sponsored by: Kolide ensures that if a device isn't secure, it can't access your apps. It's Device Trust for Okta. Watch the demo today!
  2. Standardising on USB-C as a common connector for all phones, tablets and cameras can only be a good thing (by extension, hopefully that will filter through to all the other USB-A / C / Mini / Micro connectors as well)
  3. Capelli finally got back to Scott and Joe regarding their lapsed domain the guys subsequently registered (yet still, their JavaScript remains running on the Capelli website 🤷‍♂️)
  4. The Hathway ISP in India went into HIBP (it's a weeks old incident, but it seems they're unwilling to make a statement on the breach whatsoever)
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