Weekly update 50

Yep, hit right in the face with a dodgeball. There was blood. But retribution was swiftly mine as I hunted down the kids on the other team. Oh - and I also loaded 711 million records into HIBP.

That's the real story this week and I wanted to speak in depth about everything from where the data came from to why you can't get your password out of it to frankly, some of the kinda disappointing comments some people left. This is a very multifaceted issue and I hope I do it justice in the audio here.

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  1. Last call for my Melbourne workshop! (in fact, it's the last public workshop of the year so get down there if you're local)
  2. Here's why I decided to start loading spam lists into HIBP (I totally get why 85% of people wanted this)
  3. 711 million more records are now in HIBP (this is a really interesting incident on many levels)
  4. Symantec's Norton Secured is sponsoring my blog this week (epicly good timing guys, biggest week EVER!)
Weekly update
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