Weekly update 52

Hey, it's weekly update 52! That's almost a year's worth of weekly videos, next week will actually be that anniversary (ok, it's a day short, but close) and by that time I'll be over in Utah doing the Pluralsight Live thing. I'm especially looking forward to this event, there's a huge amount of organisation gone into it and I think it'll be a really slick show.

This week - Equifax. Wow. It's such a mess on so many levels and as I say in the Security Sense column, trust is now a massive problem not just because of the breach itself, but because of how they've subsequently handled it. Apple's new toys and Face ID is another really interesting topic this week, primarily because of the security implications of biometrics in general and their new implementation in particular. Enjoy this week, next week will be something new altogether I'm sure.

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  1. Equifax has some serious problems... (yeah, I know you know, but the trust angle is really important beyond just the technology itself)
  2. Face ID is coming and it will change the world! (ok, maybe not, but it's really interesting to look at how it compares to Touch ID, PINs and no ID as it relates to security)
  3. Matchlight by Terbium Labs is sponsoring me this week (another repeat sponsor, thanks guys!)
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