Weekly update 53 (Salt Lake City edition)

What a week! Epic hardly describes the experience I've just had at Pluralsight Live in Utah, not least of which was this stage:

Epic Pluralsight Live Stage

No new writing this week but I did want to comment on the Equifax CSO degree story (and my poorly worded tweet about it) as well as the ongoing concern I keep hearing from people about biometric auth, especially in the US. So that's just a quick intro, I'm rushing this one out a bit as it seems that the one place in the world with worse connectivity than my home in Australia is US airports...

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  1. Here's the story on the Equifax CSO and her music degree (I'll write something more on this later but in short, it's the experience that's critical)
  2. Here's the tweet asking people about police access to phones (the responses are worth reading if for no other reason than it understand the sentiment of so many people out there)
  3. Barkly is sponsoring my blog again this week (big thanks to those guys for being a repeat sponsor!)
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