Weekly Update 60

Loads of bits and pieces this week ranging from travel (including something truly awesome that I can't go into detail on just yet) to Report URI to HIBP. There's also the competition for the Lenovo ThinkPad where I talk about the 4 finalists and if you're reading this within about 18 hours of me posting it, you can still vote for them here:

At the time of me writing this, two entrants are neck and neck on 31% each and even the lowest voted entry is at 17% so it's awesome to see them all being so well received. So that's in this week's update as well as my post about the one valuable thing that all websites have - reputation. Enjoy!

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  1. I'll be at McAfee's MPOWER event in Sydney on Tuesday (it's a freebie so get on down there if you're around)
  2. Check out the top submissions for my Lenovo ThinkPad competition (there's some very cool stuff been done with the HIBP API, not just by the top 4 finalists either)
  3. All websites have something of value to attackers - reputation (this one especially for those who say "there's nothing attractive to attackers on our site")
  4. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog again this week (big shout-out to those guys for their ongoing support!)
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