Weekly Update 72

I'm home! It's nice being home ?

This week I start by getting a couple of things off my chest, namely some pretty wacky reactions to my suggesting that we're never going to see a coders' hippocratic oath and how I feel when media outlets say "the dark web". Plus, I've got news around running workshops in Europe with Scott Helme and me finally getting a content security policy on this blog. That last one in particular makes me very happy because it really shouldn't have been this hard, but it was (for reasons I explain in the video) and it's now working fantastically! All that and more in this week's update.

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  1. Here's the tweet about the hippocratic oath (no, we're not getting one, not gonna happen - but we still need to get better at what we do)
  2. "The Dark Web" sounds kinda scary (but it's not - but that's what some people want you to think - but yeah, it's not!)
  3. Scott Helme is now running my "Hack Yourself First" workshop in Europe (he's the perfect person for this and it'll help me spend more time at home)
  4. I've now got a CSP on this blog! (it was a bit tricky due to platform and browser limitations, but it's now done)
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