Weekly Update 74

I had plans this week. Monday was going to be full of coding work around Pwned Passwords V2 (and a few other HIBP things) then Texthelp went and got themselves pwned and there went my day writing about the ramifications of that. This is a genuinely important issue and the whole concept of the JavaScript supply chain needs much better thought. We've got the technology, it's just that most people don't know it exists!

I did then later get around to posting my "dark web" piece too. It's a scary read because it has dark stuff, hoodies and green screens and we know that's scary because that's the message we keep getting fed! Actually, not so scary and I break that down in my "dark web" FUD post.

BTW - that typo in "Poop" in the video: I saw that 1 hour into the upload to YouTube when it was at only 18% so it stays. Thank you Aussie internet ?

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  1. I'm doing a webinar for Fortinet next week on Australia's Notifiable Data Breach Scheme (there's good stuff and stuff I'd like to see done better in out NDB)
  2. How much can we trust other people's JavaScript we embed in our services? (not much, apparently, but we have awesome defences for when it goes wrong)
  3. Ooh, the "dark web", scary! (no, not so much, that's usually just marketing hyperbole)
  4. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog again this week (a great sponsor whose things I've genuinely used for years, here's my previous blog posts on them)
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