Weekly Update 93

Geez it's nice to be home! I took a ride on the jet ski today which was just one of those typically perfect Gold Coast winters days at a balmy 24C. I cruised around the ocean with a pod of dolphins (probably a dozen of them), grabbed some prawns for lunch (not those "shrimp" you get other places, proper big prawns), then sat down here and enjoyed the serenity:

But I did get a heap of stuff done earlier this week I was really happy with, the biggy being the announcements around Firefox and 1Password integrating with HIBP. I talk a lot about that in this week's update, as well as the short tutorial series I released on how HTTPS is easy. I'm really happy to see people chiming in on the discussion and talking about how they've already used it to move their site to HTTPS and I hope we see a lot more of that in the future too. I also cover off a few other bits this week including my 5-year old daughter coding and a complete breakdown of the costs that going into running the Pwned Passwords component of HIBP.

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  1. Coding with my 5-year old daughter (this is on and people seem to love this video!)
  2. I'm serving 54M requests from Pwned Passwords each week and it's costing me $7! (this is how you cloud!)
  3. Firefox, 1Password and HIBP - what a match! (search for your email address and benefit from k-anonymity at the same time)
  4. HTTPS Is Easy! (I created a 4-part video series so show just how easy it really is)
  5. DigiCert is this week's blog sponsor (they're tackling IoT security in this week's sponsorship placement)
  6. Also worth a read is DigiCert withdrawing from the CA Security Council (there's serious industry concerns being raised about the motives of the CASC)
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