Weekly Update 96

This week I'm doing my best "dress like a professional" impersonation as I prepare to record the next episode in our quarterly Creating a Security-centric Culture series. We're putting these out for free every few months and right after wrapping up this week's update, I recorded the next Pluralsight one and that's now gone off to them for editing.

This week, I'm still on HTTPS. I don't mean for this to become a repetitive topic (and I'm sure it'll die down after Chrome 68 hits next week), but this week got pretty crazy. The most unexpected outcome of those discussions was a real flat-earther chiming into the Twitter discussion after someone made the innocent mistake of using the #FlatEarth hash tag to describe people decrying HTTPS. There's links to that discussion and the nasty comments Scott copped on my blog below.

But other than that, there's a new Pluralsight course on GDPR I've done with a genuine expert on the topic and I've just noticed it's rating 5 stars too so happy with that! Plus there's my post on a whole bunch of nifty Azure Function and Cloudflare Workers bits. I get a lot of pleasure of building stuff on platforms like this and I hope you enjoying reading about it (and hearing about it). Enjoy:

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  1. And then a flat-earther joined the HTTPS discussion (if you have time to kill, read this, bring ???)
  2. I've changed my mind - Scott does have a weird northern accent
  3. Here's a screen cap of some of the (now deleted) comments from the HTTPS-naysayer (this is the guy I banned due to his behaviour)
  4. Terbium Labs are sponsoring my blog this week, big thanks to those guys!
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