It's Have I been pwned's birthday and I'm doing a live streamed AMA

It's hard to believe it, but Sunday 4 December will mark 3 years since I launched Have I been pwned. A huge amount has happened in that time, not just for HIBP but for the industry and indeed for me personally. I certainly didn't expect it to become what it is, not in terms of the amount of data or the number of people visiting and subscribing and certainly not the media attention it's drawn from all over the world. That's posed some really unique challenges but been enormously rewarding too.

To celebrate, I thought I'd do a live streamed "Ask Me Anything" next week. I want to stream it so that I can answer questions verbally and show things via screen share. If people have questions that I can illustrate by demonstration, then that's a much better experience for all than me writing text-based answers in a Reddit-style AMA. I'm going to run it via YouTube Live's streaming service and it'll happen at 06:00 Tuesday 6 December my time on the Gold Coast Australia. That's an hour later in our other eastern Australian states, 20:00 Monday 5 in UTC time, 15:00 on the east US coast and 12:00 midday on the west. Everything else, well, you can work out for your own time zones but to make things super easy, here's an iCalendar file you can add to your calendar. You can also watch the live stream here and it will be viewable in full immediately once run as well:

You can ask me anything in two different ways:

  1. Use the comments section below in advance of the live stream. I'd really like to get a bunch of them beforehand and I'll come prepared with answers and demos and anything else useful.
  • Go to the video on YouTube and use the comments section to the right of the video (you'll need a Google account to comment). Ask me anything there during the live stream.

To help everything run smoothly, I've enlisted my good mate Scott Helme to help moderate so you might see him pop up during the event (you may remember Scott from such projects as, and that time he got his car hacked from the other side of the world).

There's a bunch of questions I expect I'll get around the following:

  1. How I get data
  • Things learned from those trading it
  • If I've had any legal issues
  • The cost of running it
  • Scale, performance and other cloud things
  • Why I keep posting sunny photos of Australia

But seriously, nothing is off limits, ask me anything and I'll answer whatever I can.

Last thing - at the end of this event I'm going to be giving everyone a very large whack of data that will give you much better insight into what's going on with these breaches. I'll save it until the live stream to explain it properly, but I'm pretty excited about the insights I expect people will be able to draw from it.

Have I Been Pwned
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