Weekly update 10

This has been a mega week with a couple of pretty contentious blog posts which frankly, are the best kind! It gets so boring when everyone just nods and agrees...

But seriously, the one on ad blockers in particular shows just what a mess we've gotten ourselves into and the "ban all the ads (or anything that has even a sniff of an ad)" proponents are a big part of the problem. I talk about it in detail in the video though so here it is, along with all the podcasts too:

iTunes podcast | Google Play Music podcast | RSS podcast

(And yes, that's a mic bottom left of frame, I recorded with my good boom mic this time and totally didn't see it in frame until I went to edit. Works fine on the podcast though!)


  1. How responsible are companies when partners lose their data? (no, a checklist or even an audit won't stop a partner from publishing your DB backups to a publicly facing web server)
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