My SQL Source control article on Simple-Talk

I’ve previously written about Rocking your SQL Source Control world with Red Gate and was bullishly optimistic about the potential for finally providing the means for simple, effective version control of database objects. It turns out the post struck a chord with the folks at Red Gate and they asked me if I’d like to contribute to an article in Simple-Talk, a fantastic bi-monthly newsletter with about 150,000 subscribers. It’s now online here:

Foolproof Atomic Versioning of Applications

I’m a long time subscriber to Simple-Talk and it’s one of the few tech newsletter I actually still get delivered by email; everything else has been demoted to RSS or increasingly, only read when it rises to the surface via Twitter. I’ve kept the subscription because the articles are consistently high-quality and informative, hopefully attributes I haven’t tarnished!

Anyway, the article is now up and hopefully it provides some useful info to those still looking to finally get some parity between application and database in the world of software version control. I’ve come from the angle of SQL Source Control finally allowing apps to be “atomically” versioned in that all the components of the software are harmoniously captured within a single source control system and are accessible via discrete revisions. Enjoy!

Red Gate Media SQL Source Control
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