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Get Cloak. Go Dark. VPN’ing out from the Great Firewall of China

Let’s go through just some of the ways you can hand your valuable datas over to people that want to get somewhere in between you and whatever service it is you want to talk to at the other end. You can get pineappled [] and certainly that’s been a favourite of mine to demonstrate because it’s just so damn easy (it’s also kinda cool, if I’m honest). The router you connect through can be pwned and its DNS changed to hel...

Browsing the broken web: a software developer behind the Great Firewall of China

I absolutely love coming to China. It’s a country that manages to hold onto a long, rich history whilst also moving into the future at an extraordinarily rapid pace. We also all know that China heavily censors the websites that can be accessed via the Internet. I work quite frequently with a number of people in China and I’m always conscious that there is certain material I’d like to share with them which they won’t be able to access. I’m not talking about anything politically or culturally sub...

Aye, pirates be the reason IE6 just won’t die

Internet Explorer 6; will this thing ever die?! Now 9 years old – and superseded for almost half that time – it remains the bane of web developers’ lives the world over. Even YouTube and Google have jumped on the anti-IE6 bandwagon [] but the browser people love to hate remains the cockroach of the nuclear fallout that is standards-compliant ire. There have been glimpses of hope and reports of it waning into obscurity [