Internet Explorer

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The impending crisis that is Windows XP and IE 8

Do you remember what you were doing in October, 2001? You weren’t watching videos on YouTube, updating your Facebook status or even using the term “social media”. It was still the days of web 1.0 and REST was something you did when you were tired. If you had a puppy, it’s probably no longer with us. This was a cutting edge device: Websites were “Best viewed in Internet Explorer 5” and looked like this: That 800x600 image was the typical resolution too, it was the most your common 15” CRT...

Aye, pirates be the reason IE6 just won’t die

Internet Explorer 6; will this thing ever die?! Now 9 years old – and superseded for almost half that time – it remains the bane of web developers’ lives the world over. Even YouTube and Google have jumped on the anti-IE6 bandwagon [] but the browser people love to hate remains the cockroach of the nuclear fallout that is standards-compliant ire. There have been glimpses of hope and reports of it waning into obscurity [

The I-didn’t-get-to-go-to-MIX10-in-Vegas roundup

Another year, another MIX conference in Vegas and another three days of reading all the news from afar. Fortunately the Twitter age doesn’t leave those of us on the other side of the world completely isolated and there has been some really interesting news shared by those on the ground in the US. Here’s a summary of what I found interesting and what I see is significant for the technologies involved. It’s by no means a comprehensive review – one look at the sessions list [http://live.visitmix....

PDC09 Roundup

Unfortunately the tyranny of distance has kept me well and truly away from Microsoft PDC09 [] but it hasn’t meant I’ve had to miss out completely. Seeing so much exciting information released about new technology (which happens to be my favourite kind!) made me want to get what excited me down online. Silverlight 4 Beta In case you’re feeling like it was only yesterday that Silverlight 3 was released, you’re almost right; it was back in July. The velocity of this product...