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First impressions: 3 things I love and 3 things I hate about the iPhone 6 Plus

No, I didn’t camp out the front of the Apple store with my sleeping bag and frankly, I think those that did perhaps have what we refer to down here as “a couple of kangaroos loose in the top paddock”. Queues stretching hundreds of metres and adults in tears aren’t really my things (incidentally, crying over queue position is not something you do once you have your grown up pants on). Instead, I went down to my local Telstra store (our local big telco) and stood behind 3 other people while I caught up on my email backlog for a couple of hours. They had a red carpet. There was free coffee – proper...

What the iPhone 4 is all about (for mere mortals)

Yes, it’s the new iPhone 4. No, I didn’t camp outside Apple all night, there’s nothing wrong with the signal quality and yes, I hold it any damn way I like! Now that we’ve covered off all the usual questions, let me get to the heart of the matter. I picked up a couple of new iPhones (because I’m a caring husband!) a few hours after they launched in Australia. Exclusivity doesn’t last long and whilst the novelty factor is still high, a lot of friends and family are asking “why?”. Why move from a perfectly good iPhone 3G? Does this new phone – the one...

PDC09 Roundup

Unfortunately the tyranny of distance has kept me well and truly away from Microsoft PDC09 but it hasn’t meant I’ve had to miss out completely. Seeing so much exciting information released about new technology (which happens to be my favourite kind!) made me want to get what excited me down online.Silverlight 4 BetaIn case you’re feeling like it was only yesterday that Silverlight 3 was released, you’re almost right; it was back in July. The velocity of this product is like nothing I’ve seen from Microsoft before. In terms of Silverlight 4, PDC marked the launch of the first beta. There’s a full rundown on the silverlight....