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How I finally fixed the dodgy wifi on my jet ski with Ubiquiti's UniFi Mesh

There are many challenging aspects about being an Australian. For example, being terrorised by kangaroos: Being terrorised by koalas: Or my own unique challenge: not having a decent wifi signal whilst my jet ski is moored on the jetty out the back of the house. This makes every day, normal activities like connecting to the home NAS to watch movies via Plex whilst sitting on the docked ski difficult and clearly, something had to be done. Ok, getting (a bit more) serious for a moment, a few months ago I wrote about how I finally fixed my dodgy wifi where I rebuilt my home network from the ground up with Ubiquiti products. I was sick of the problems I was...

Ubiquiti all the things: how I finally fixed my dodgy wifi

I'm increasingly of the view that both my time and my sanity are worth more and more as the years progress. Particularly in my independent life, it really can be that black and white - if I can't work, it costs me money. Plus, I want to be happy and few things make me less happy than computer bits going wrong: Really disappointed with the @Linksys WRT1900AC wireless routers I bought a year ago, continually degrade speed and need a reset pic.twitter.com/TsEzdiHLMs— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) September 22, 2016 I bought 2 Linksys WRT1900AC wireless routers when I moved interstate into a big house just over a year ago. They were well-reviewed and I figured I'd put...