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Continuous delivery panel discussion at ThoughtWorks

So I went along to the ThoughtWorks quarterly update on Continuous Delivery today. This took the form of a panel discussion with Martin Fowler, Evan Bottcher and Neal Ford. Smart guys, interesting topic and tantalising banner ad: The good news is that I didn’t hear anything that sounded too foreign. Either they were principles I’d written about, experienced firsthand or at least had a good understanding of. Usually it was all three but hearing the words from these guys in a very candid fashion is a great endorsement of the beliefs. Here’s the “best of the best” in terms of the messages that really resonated with the crowd: Software that is not...

The I-didn’t-get-to-go-to-MIX10-in-Vegas roundup

Another year, another MIX conference in Vegas and another three days of reading all the news from afar. Fortunately the Twitter age doesn’t leave those of us on the other side of the world completely isolated and there has been some really interesting news shared by those on the ground in the US.Here’s a summary of what I found interesting and what I see is significant for the technologies involved. It’s by no means a comprehensive review – one look at the sessions list will confirm that – but it’s what jumped out and got me excited.Internet Explorer 9Back at PDC in November we were seeing early looks for developers...