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A 2-post collection

Kids and Code: Conditions and loops

Last week I published the first post of Kids and Code where I started recording the process of teaching my six-year-old son to code. We used code.org which is just awesome, specifically the Minecraft game which has just the right balance of difficulty, engagement and entertainment. It’s mostly dragging and dropping blocks which represent procedures, but it’s a great way of getting kids to think about the structure that goes into code. Even at six years old, Ari picked it up very quickly and is genuinely enjoying it, so we recorded another one with some more advanced concepts. Here’s another short clip where he starts using two fundamental coding constructs. Firstly, there are...

Kids and Code: Simple programming on code.org

There are few more valuable skills for kids these days than knowing their way around technology. In fact, I’d argue that you could say the same for adults but particularly when you consider the skills that are going to be most valuable in the future for our children, understanding how the connected world functions is key. Their existence is fundamentally different to ours and if you were born in the 70’s like me (or even earlier), just think about how fundamentally different their education and social interactions are; we had no Wikipedia to refer to, no online discussions to ask questions in and frequently, not even a PC to type on (I was a teenager before...