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Humans are Bad at URLs and Fonts Don’t Matter

Been a lot of "victim blaming" going on these last few days. The victim, through no fault of their own, has been the target of numerous angry tweets designed to ridicule their role in internet security and suggest they are incapable of performing their duty. Here's where it all started: > This is a great example of how bad people are at reading and understanding even the domain part of the URL then making decisions based on that which affect their security and privacy (see the answer under the...

Padlocks, Phishing and Privacy; The Value Proposition of a VPN

I want a "secure by default" internet with all the things encrypted all the time such that people can move freely between networks without ever needing to care about who manages them or what they're doing with them. I'm a massive proponent of Let's Encrypt's and Cloudflare's missions to secure the web and of browser paradigms such as HSTS [] and upgrade-insecure-requests via content security policies [

I'm Partnering with NordVPN as a Strategic Advisor

I love security. I love privacy. Consequently, it will come as no surprise that I love tools that help people achieve those objectives. Equally, I have no patience for false promises, and I've been very vocal about my feelings there: > But one of them is literally called “Secure VPN”, how is this possible?! “Are You Using These VPN Apps? Personal Info Of 20 Million Users Leaked: That’s 1.2TB Data” — Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) July 20, 2020 [