Weekly Update 101

Home! I got up early today to a balmy 16-degree winter's day as we approach the last week before spring and felt genuinely thankful to be in this location. I've gotta stay home more...

This week, there's no new blog posts due to travel commitments so it's a bit shorter, but there's still the usual array of goings on. I update how the Mozilla testing with HIBP is going, I'm going to update my Ubiquiti network at home and I get a bit cranky about people installing spyware on other people's phones. I've made my thoughts about that perfectly clear in the past too:

And yeah, precisely the scenario that was in that ZDNet article from earlier this year has now played out yet again courtesy of SpyFone. Just don't, seriously, talk to your kids about the cybers instead. All that and more in this week's update.

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  1. .NET Conf is on next month (I'll be talking about a whole bunch of optimisation stuff)
  2. I'm building out more Ubiquiti bits at home (love some ideas
  3. SpyFone inadvertently published terabytes of data to the web (never ever ever ever install spyware on someone's phone - ever!)
  4. Sponsored by Tech Fabric (they build scalable, reliable and secure cloud native applications and have been a great sponsor this year!)
Weekly update
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