Weekly update 21

I got up this morning thinking "I need to do my weekly update today because it's Friday". Except it's not, and due to the joy that is international travel, I really had no idea what day it was! So bottom line, I'm a day late, but with me heading off to the US for the RSA conference on Wednesday, I'm not even sure there's a lot of point me trying to acclimatise to home before I go.

Regardless, this week I talk about some of that travel, how I'm now handling "fabricated" data breaches in HIBP (and how I accidentally found my own data in one), the big milestone I just hit of one million subscribers and Netsparker's ongoing support via sponsorship. Next week I'll be coming to you from San Francisco so I'll try and find a nice little spot there to do my video (which I also expect will be late given my schedule while I'm there).

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  1. Why I'm now loading "fabricated" data breaches into HIBP (and how I found myself in there... was fabricated data!)
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