Weekly update 22 (Golden Gate Bridge edition)

What an awesome spot for a weekly update! Just one of the sensational views I saw today, the first day I've completed a full marathon:

51.19km walk

Ok, bit more than a marathon, 51.19km in total according to Runkeeper. Now frankly, I'm not overly keen on running (I just get bored), so I walked all over San Francisco, looked at interesting things, took plenty of photos and had some nice breaks instead. I took my Lenovo Yoga 900 in the backpack (I'll write about that separately later), and broke the day into 4 parts, taking some time out in between to sit down, have a break and get a bit of work done. That's a balanced day out I reckon :)

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  1. Best blog post of the year! (nice award from RSA for a post that seems to have resonated)
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