Weekly update 57

I'm doing this week's update a little back to front due to the massive incident in South Africa involving what looks like pretty much the entire population. I've spent the first half an hour just talking about that incident in a way that I hope is consumable for the layperson. I wanted to explain what these things many regular viewers understand as "data breaches" are, why I have them and pretty much everything else I know about the incident in South Africa. I'm hoping that explaining things via video (and podcast) medium makes it a little easier for a broader range of people to absorb.

Beyond that, this week I have a new Pluralsight course out on the emerging threats in IoT and I've published a massive blog post on the "Happy Path" to HTTPS, all in 6 (sometimes) simple steps. Oh - and I totally forgot about my post on IoT warning labels which I pushed out right after my last weekly update so I'll link to that below.

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  1. The South African "Master Deeds" breach is obviously the headline this week (I've also added some updates that came to hand after recording this video)
  2. It's a new Pluralsight course! (another "Play by Play" with Lars)
  3. Get HTTPS. Get happy! (really happy with the way this has been received, and especially happy to see people actually doing it!)
  4. Oh yeah - I forgot about the warnings on IoT products (if only we treated them like cigarettes...)
  5. Barkly's Stackhackr is sponsoring my blog this week - thanks guys! (also thanks for the ongoing support ?)
Weekly update
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