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Disqus' mixed content problem and fixing it with a CSP

I write a blog with a lot of security things on it so understandably, it upsets me somewhat when my site throws security warnings: I'd had a number of people report this and indeed I'd seen it myself, albeit transiently. Diving into the console, I found the source of the problem: Who the hell is Circulate?! And what are they doing in my blog? Let's find out: Right... I don't have any ads on my blog these days (just sponsor messages) so there shouldn't be any third-party monetisation going on. However, what I'd noticed about this issue is that it always seemed to occur when loading Disqus comments and certainly they do some ad things, albeit ad things that I'd...

Disqus and the disappearing comments (which still exist)

Update (just a couple of hours later): We're fixed! By all means, read the background it you're having similar problems or jump to the bottom for the solution. I'm writing this post because I've pretty much exhausted all other avenues. I'm out of ideas. I'm stumped. I'm also missing a truckload of Disqus comments that should be appearing on many of the blog posts I've just migrated. Let me explain what I've done and what I'm now seeing and hopefully between me trying to articulate this clearly and people reading this post, we'll work out how to get it fixed. Some background first: earlier this week I wrote about my shiny new blog which I migrated over on Sunday my...

Fixing ghoulish HTML behaviour after Ghostery breaks the web to block Disqus

I had bit of feedback on my last post I hadn’t seen in the past. For example, this one on Twitter: 0% of this page renders with Ghostery turned on. I'm not sure if this is irony, or which... And then reinforced by Mikko Hypponen: I noticed the same thing. Troy, you might want to check out your blog against Ghostery's default settings. And repeated on Hacker News: I got Ghostery installed, the page loads and then suddenly the text of the article is removed. I know I know, I just shouldn't use Ghostery but I like to have a little privacy online. Sorry I won't return to your site...