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A 3-post collection

Fixing ghoulish HTML behaviour after Ghostery breaks the web to block Disqus

I had bit of feedback on my last post I hadn’t seen in the past. For example, this one on Twitter: 0% of this page renders with Ghostery turned on. I'm not sure if this is irony, or which... And then reinforced by Mikko Hypponen: I noticed the same thing. Troy, you might want to check out your blog against Ghostery's default settings. And repeated on Hacker News: I got Ghostery installed, the page loads and then suddenly the text of the article is removed. I know I know, I just shouldn't use Ghostery but I like to have a little privacy online. Sorry I won't return to your site...

Responsiveness, China and the “m” word: new blog meta post

Three and a bit years on and it’s time for a change. Blogging has been good to me – very good – but I was starting to feel a bit like the plumber whose own house was full of leaky pipes. Heavy markup burdened by Blogger’s propensity for in-page CSS, completely mobile unaware and as I’ve written before, not real friendly for those half a billion Chinese internet users. Plus of course, several years of design weariness which eventually leaves you feeling like you’re getting around in clothes from the 80s. There are a whole bunch of things that change in the seemingly short timeframe that is three years, things worth sharing....

I’ve been undefined!

Just in case anyone has passed by in recent days and noticed the Twitter panel on my blog displaying tweets that are, well, inconsistent with my normal tweets, fear not! It seems the geniuses behind the Twitter webpart for the Blogger engine have made a small mistake in the JavaScript variable department.In short, it appears an undefined variable is somehow inserted into a JSON request URL to Twitter and unsurprisingly, the Tweets of an undefined user are being requested. Surprisingly enough though, someone has actually decided that “undefined” is, for some reason, a sensible enough Twitter username to actually use on what appears to be a fairly active basis.So here we are; undefined (AKA “Adam&...