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Ad Blockers

A 2-post collection

Ad blockers are part of the problem

Earlier this year, I wrote about bad user experiences on websites and foremost among these were the shitty things some sites do with ads. Forbes' insistence that you watch one before manually clicking through to the story, full screen and popover ads and ads that would take over your screen after you started reading the article were all highlighted. Unanimously, we hate this experience. Because the aforementioned experiences are shit, people run ad blockers and I get the rationale: if ads are going to do crap like this then let's ban them. Except then you get the likes of Forbes denying access to their content if you run them and you get into this nasty cycle of advertisers trying to...

Fixing ghoulish HTML behaviour after Ghostery breaks the web to block Disqus

I had bit of feedback on my last post I hadn’t seen in the past. For example, this one on Twitter: 0% of this page renders with Ghostery turned on. I'm not sure if this is irony, or which... And then reinforced by Mikko Hypponen: I noticed the same thing. Troy, you might want to check out your blog against Ghostery's default settings. And repeated on Hacker News: I got Ghostery installed, the page loads and then suddenly the text of the article is removed. I know I know, I just shouldn't use Ghostery but I like to have a little privacy online. Sorry I won't return to your site...