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Here's How I Decide What I Endorse and How I Ensure Transparency

One of the by-products of an increasingly public profile is that companies want you to promote their things. You see this all the time in all walks of life whether it be product placement in movies, celebs sponsored by car companies or indeed the sponsor banner you see at the top of this blog. These companies benefit from the exposure granted to them by individuals with influence. The flip side is that the allure or money or free goods can taint the impartiality of said individual. For example, in the wake of the Sony Pictures hack we learned that Kevin Hart was paid a couple of million bucks to tweet Sony's messages. More recently, there was news that the Kardashian...

I just permanently removed all ad network code from my blog

I don't mind ads on websites as a concept, that is I don't mind the idea of a message appearing somewhere that helps the producer of said content earn a crust. However, there are other things about ads that I do mind enormously and most of them are due to the ad networks themselves. I don't like the overhead of a whole other website being embedded into an iframe. I don't like the total irrelevancy of much of the ad content. It could be tailored to my browsing habits, but then I'm not overly fond of the tracking. Oh - and I definitely don't like being served either malware or really obtrusive behaviours such as ads viewed on iOS redirecting...

I'm now offering sponsorship of this blog

I have a love-hate relationship with ads, whether they be on my blog or anywhere else for that matter. I get that they're a necessity for many news outlets to keep providing the free information that we all want, but I also can't stand the way advertising has descended into the sleazy, risky, slow and all-round negative experience it so frequently is today. I've had ads on this blog for years and they've been provided by Developer Media who specialise in serving technology-centric ads of relevance to my audience. Over the years I've seen a lot of ads for products ranging from cloud services to security appliances. Occasionally, I've also seen ads for things like consumer headphones because unsold ad...