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Continuous code quality measurement with NDepend and TeamCity

I love a good set of automatically generated code metrics. There’s something about just pointing a tool at the code base and saying “Over there – go and do your thing” which really appeals to the part of me that wants to quantify and measure. I think part of it is the objectiveness of automated code analysis. Manual code reviews are great, but other than the manual labour issue, there’s always that degree of subjectiveness the human bring with them. Of course code reviews are still important, b...

Measuring code quality with NDepend

Something that has always struck me as a bit unique about the software industry is the huge variances we see in professionalism. Consider industries such as medicine or aviation; the lower bounds of their professionalism is comparatively high and the deviation of expertise within the practitioners is comparatively low when compared to software development. Of course there are exceptions – every now and then a doctor malpractices or a pilot crashes – but these are relatively rare occurrences comp...