Weekly update 11

A bit of a quieter week this time blog wise, but a very busy week in terms of HIBP traffic. It went pretty nuts on Tuesday with a spike the scale I'd never seen before which made things, well, "interesting". I also put the word out about an "ask me anything" live stream event I'm going to do early next week which should be a lot of fun. Oh - and the Indian pathology results exposed to the world - that's unfolding as I write this but the position from the lab exposing things like patient HIV results to the world right now is "we'll get around to it in Jan". The latest is that BuzzFeed has just written about it so go there to read the details in full and marvel at the quotes from those involved...

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  1. Ask me anything about HIBP! (this'll be live streamed and I'll show people everything I can while I answer questions)
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